Alex and Denis, Edgard, Olga and Anna. Stephan, Antoine. One of the most fierce discussions during the whole project. When the CMFA was still in Europe and we believed that it will be joined by thousends in Turkey, there was this energy that kept us running. Hope that huge group at the Turkish-Syrian border can really make a diffrence. Along the way it turned out that its less and less possible; instead of trying to make a political statement, we were more promoting, refugee networking movement. As you can imagine, the difference in spirit of these actions is totally diffrent. Finally It was sure that the march was not a movement that many expected it to be at the beginning. Antoine (France) felt that the march betreyed its ideals. Many felt that despite of the name „civil” the march was an organized and centrally led movement, where marching individuals had close to none abilities to decide about the crucial decissions. Lack of clear communication between the marchers, founder of the march and decision taking board led to confusion.
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